Executive Conference Program

Lawnsite LiveXchange presents a comprehensive, practical and strategic conference program that helps VIPs better plan and manage their companies’ lawn care operations.

The Executive Conference Program is run by leading consultants and industry experts from the lawn care and landscape industries, plus senior facility management professionals.

Keynote: Growing Weeders Into Leaders
Jeff McManus, Director of Landscape Services, Ole Miss Golf Course & Airport Operations / The University Of Mississippi

In normal times, and even more so during a pandemic, growing great teams is crucial and challenging. And, because we can’t always pay for top performers, we must grow them. Organizations reach championship results by having Great teams, Raising results, when the Offense wins, and cultivating Winning attitudes. Developed by Jeff McManus, Director of Landscape Services, Ole Miss Golf Course & Airport Operations at The University of Mississippi, the GROW theory is an impactful management and professional development leadership program that you can adopt for your department or business.

Working at The University of Mississippi since 2000, Jeff has implemented his GROW theory to develop his grounds staff — affectionately known as “weeders” — into “leaders.” When he joined Ole Miss, Jeff faced a demand for excellence and high productivity, but with a stagnant budget, and he knew that growing the people was critical to growing the plants on campus. Utilizing the GROW theory has reaped rewards in the form of national recognition by the Princeton Review, PGMS, Newsweek, and faculty, staff, students, and visitors on the university’s campus.

Attendees will hear strategies for “leading by example” in the workplace, while being inspired to implement them. Meanwhile, audience participation is encouraged. Empower yourself and your employees, and gather ideas on how to organize your operations to be able to do more with less, successfully!

Other Conference Sessions:

  • Turf & Plant Health
  • Bring Your Business To The Next Level: Marketing, Financials, Employee Management & Health
  • Put Technology To Work For You
  • Expanding Your Service Portfolio
  • Building An Equipment Fleet For 2021
  • Roundtable discussions, plus more sessions to be announced