Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LawnSite LiveXchange held at in a resort? Staying at a high-end location allows everyone to think strategically and conduct meetings in a focused, business-like environment. There are no exhibition stands or product demonstrations in the meeting areas, no interruptions and, of course, no long-distance traveling between appointments.

What are the accommodations like? LiveXchange takes place in a high-end resort, and all participants are allocated sole occupancy hotel rooms with en-suite facilities.

Are spouses/partners invited? LawnSite LiveXchange has been designed to maximize your time in a professional environment throughout the day. Each element of the event, including one-on-one meetings, conference sessions, receptions, meals and networking events are carefully set, but accommodations can be made during certain portions of the event if your spouse would like to attend. If your spouse does decide to come, any hotel surcharges which may apply will be your responsibility. The Loews Sapphire Falls Resort offers a number of restaurants and activities which your spouse may visit during the event. Spouses will need to make their own arrangements at their own expense.

How much does it cost? Attendance is by invitation-only and is free for approved VIPs. If you register and qualify for an invitation, your confirmed registration includes (at no cost you) deluxe accommodations and meals at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. At the event, you will receive a travel stipend of up to $350 to use toward your airfare and transfers to/from the airport. The stipend will be given to you on-site at the conclusion of the event once you have completed the full meeting itinerary, including all one-on-one meetings. The only cost to you will be any personal purchases at the location such as phone calls made from your hotel room, drinks purchased outside of meal-times, and items from the shop.

What happens if a VIP cancels? If a VIP cancels on or after November 1st, 2021 there is a cancellation fee of $750. This is structured to ensure that VIPs are committed to the selection process and to ensure that they are not holding a place open that they do not intend to take. We anticipate the demand for places to be greater than we can accommodate, and any cancellations will deprive another professional of the potential opportunity to attend. Secondly, once the appointment system goes live your cancellation affects others at the event and we need to limit this disruption.

How do I register? Please complete the online registration form or contact Neil Eisenberg at 732.559.1254 or via email

Is there a dress code? The event is business casual during the day and evening.