How Is Your Itinerary Assembled?

Prospective attendees are required to fill out an application to attend, and extensive reviews take place to confirm the validity of all submissions. Buyers and suppliers rank who they would like to meet with in order of preference, and our web-based SaaS application creates a meeting schedule based on the expressed mutual interest of both parties.

A personalized itinerary is then provided, broken out as follows:

  • One-on-One meetings:
    These 30-minute meetings are held with lawn care and landscaping purchasing decision-makers. Sponsors remain in their meeting area for the business hours of the day and VIPs circulate to meetings. On average, sponsors have 12-15 prescheduled appointments over the course of the event.
  • Mealtime meetings:
    Mealtimes are part of the meeting itinerary and attendee table seating will be determined by our matching system.
  • Conference sessions:
    When you have open time slots, you will be scheduled to attend one of our conference sessions.
  • Ad Hoc Meetings:
    Free time at the event is limited. However, you may be able to arrange ad hoc meetings with VIPs, sponsors, and speakers, as requested.